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Final auction prices of amateur radio equipment on eBay, compiled by a fellow ham: high, low and average final bids on transceivers, HT's, scanners and more.

About "Joe Tracker"

This site is a labor of love, or perhaps obsession. Any revenue beyond operating expenses generated by is donated to ham radio membership organizations, ham radio emergency operations, and ham radio open-source software development efforts.

I have been unable to update this site for quite a few years now, but many have asked me to leave the prices posted because they still find the information useful. The developer of the tool I was using to scrape, manage, and manipulate my auction database suddently dropped all support and communication, and there are few alternatives for grabbing final auction prices. I could manage the database in other ways, but getting more auction results in there is a problem. eBay's data licensees want at least $3,000 per year for access to their trove of auction results, and I cannot do this manually.

For information on price sampling methods and other background on this website, please see the home page. As for the author, my name actually is Joe but I'm not much of a tracker. QTH is Cupertino, CA, USA, and there's more info my on profile and the website.

This site is a hobby, not a business, and I appreciate your patience and support. Please send any advice, comments or questions you may have to:


About Joe's Station
Amateur Radio Station K6ATZ, ex KQ6MM KD6ALY WN2SWQ
QTH Cupertino, CA USA
CQ3 • ITU6 • Grid CM87xh • Santa Clara County (SCV)

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