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Final auction prices of amateur radio equipment on eBay, compiled by a fellow ham: high, low and average final bids on transceivers, HT's, scanners and more.

eBay Auction Prices

"Why Does He Do It???"

Welcome to an experiment in statistics, ham radio style: final auction prices of amateur radio equipment on eBay, compiled by a fellow fanantic.

Click for Yaesu auction resultsWhen I hit my (first) "midlife crisis" and began accumulating the ham gear I always wanted back in the day, I found the Hampedia price list invaluable. I don't know the author, but I can guess why he stopped updating his lists!

Compiling these stats was quite a job, and as I explain on the About page, I may not be able to continue. Check the Hampedia site for the 2000-2002 prices on anything not listed here. Visit the main AADE site to look at his kits and products too.

Click for Ten-Tec auction resultsAnother essential resource for smart station procurement practices is the indefatigable SM0OFV's comprehensive database of pictures, specs, manuals and more: the RixPix Database. Check auction listings against that authoritative library, and of course Reviews. You may also be interested in specialized labors-of-love like the Unofficial Ten-Tec Pages, the Collins Collectors Association site and the R.L. Drake Virtual Museum and others listed in the column on the right side of this page.

Click for Drake auction resultsMost ham equipment doesn't sell in sufficient quantities on eBay in a short enough time period to approximate what statisticians call a "normal distribution", or bell curve, which requires a properly randomized sample of at least 30. Over that longer time period prices may be influenced by many things, including aging, new models, new accessories, gas prices, and so on. But with small sample sizes, averages can be thrown way off by the occassional extreme outlier. (A Joe Walsh-size collector's premium, for example.)

Click for Yaesu auction resultsSo, I will compile periodic "snapshots" of US eBay price ranges. If I see an item's price range changing, I will archive historical data and start a new sampling. I will try to exclude items sold with significant accessories, listing some interesting packages seperately, leaving only equipment condition and auction terms to influence the final prices. But know what you're buying: This site should be just one of your many resources for pre-purchase research.

I do not buy or sell professionally on eBay.
I do not own 99.9999% of the items listed here.

Always happy to talk toys, however. Please feel free to contact me at this address with questions, comments or suggestions:


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